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“A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.” Cezanne

For many years we lived amidst the beautiful countryside of Allendale in the North Pennines. Whilst loving that landscape I also missed the city where we lived for many years previously, and often found myself heading back there with my easel when I needed the change.

Newcastle is a very attractive city with a natural gorge creating dramatic views down to the quayside. The shapes are more definite and geometric in a city with light and shade creating strong contrasts in large patterns. I also like the energy of traffic and people which you tend to want to escape from when you live in the city maybe. I would set my easel up on a street corner and have many conversations with curious passers by; I was once given two pence to get a cup of tea by a homeless person. I have also painted Cardiff, London and New York.

I now live in a town and find that I am currently more drawn to the countryside and coast for my subject matter, so perhaps it is the contrast that appeals.

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