Another Recent Painting at Tallentyres Gallery, Morpeth.

September 25, 2017 02:44

Cullercoats Bay, Heavy Sea. 30cm x 25cm. oil

This was painted two days after the previous posted painting (see below) and in the same location. The atmosphere couldn't be more different with a cool strong wind and waves coming off the North Sea. The overcast grey weather was strangely satisfying to paint. The two people at the bottom left were there for about 30 seconds, but the brush fell just right. This was also painted en plein air in a relatively short time.

These paintings can be seen at Tallentyres Gallery, Morpeth.

Cullercoats Bay, Heatwave. 30cm x 25cm. oil

Recent En Plein Air Paintings at Tallentyres Gallery, Morpeth

September 22, 2017 08:33

"Cullercoats Bay, Heatwave". oil on board, 45cm x 45cm framed size.

This is one of four en plein air paintings, or paintings from life (it sounds so much better in French), that I did last summer at Cullercoats Bay. It was a rare day were the north east coast resembled the cote d'azur, for two whole days. It reminds me of how satisfying it can be to complete a small painting in one sitting of about three hours, especially having recently worked on a number of large paintings over a long period of time. The plein air paintings often have an integrity that is hard to sustain over the longer period that large paintings demand. The paintings can be viewed together now at Tallentyres Gallery in Morpeth.

Students at Lincoln College of Art, 1976

September 06, 2017 10:25

Out of the blue a few days ago I was contacted by Graeme Armitage, a fellow student fourty years ago at Lincoln College of Art in the late 1970's, about an illumini group recently set up. It couldn't resist putting up this photo of vintage 1976 styling. I am in the middle with the obligatory Harvard University sweat shirt. Meanwhile the Sex Pistols were playing in pubs in London and about to change the whole culture. Two years later safty-pin piercings and one side of your head shaved would have been the norm at art college. Good days!