St. Abbs, Moored Boats

March 20, 2018 10:11

Oil on canvas, 50cm x 40cm

Painted following a trip to St. Abbs in south east Scotland recently, between snow falls. I will put still life painting away for the next eight months to concentrate on landscape painting.

Daffodils in a Blue Jug.

March 13, 2018 09:47

Oil on canvas, 50 cm x 40cm

Continuing the recent still life theme I put together a few things from around the house that were predominantly in primary colours. Painting mainly landscape for a few years I rarely get to use such strong colours, except sunrise and sunset.

It was great to let rip with the colour, so sunrises, sunsets and fishing boats are next on the agenda now that spring is upon us. 


Oranges in an Indian Re-cycled Paper Bowl

March 06, 2018 11:26

Oil on board, 30cm x 30cm

I am continuing to escape the winter weather by staying in the house doing a new series of still lives, there was two foot of snow on the track to the studio last week so there was no choice. 

The bowl was sent by my son Aran on his continuing travels in India, an in-genius and beautiful object made from recycled newspaper. It has been a very enjoyable and fascinating series of paintings to work on and I am learning a lot from it.

More of my work can be viewed at my collections page above.

Valentines Day Bouquet.

February 27, 2018 10:07

Oil on canvas, 50cm x 40cm.

I have concentrated on landscape painting for a while, however, trying to find enthusiasm in January for painting in flat light and greyness wasn't working so I decided to retreat home and set up some still lives. This is one I spent over a week working on after Valentines Day. The subject and colours were a perfect antidote to the season and was very satisfying to do. Nearly two weeks since getting them some of the cut flowers are still looking good. I would like to make still life a regular subject now, especially through the winter months.

The colours were a perfect antidote to the season.