Painting in Fresh Snow

March 10, 2016 19:06

Fresh snow has a timeless appeal and I was lucky to be able to get out to paint in it on our only day of decent snow this winter. The day was bright with a very light breeze from the north which was a huge relief after months of mild, sodden gales from the west and south; north wind has such a bad reputation. It was -2 degrees, but felt very pleasant, except for my feet. I had forgotten the piece of wood I stand on when the ground is very cold. The view is to the north and looks over to Hadrian's Wall and beyond towards Kielder which was beautifully clear.

The painting is the first of a series on industrial remnants in the landscape which will be in an exhibition called "The Power and the Glory", which will open on the evening of 4th May at The Wallington Gallery in Lawrence Stevens Antiques, Corbridge. 

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