Painting Stublick Chimneys at Langley on Tyne

January 20, 2017 11:01

This series of photographs record stages in the painting process. It was painted over three afternoons in early March on location. In the first session I was concerned with the drawing and composition.


 In the second session I got most of the painting blocked in.

If I were an abstract painter I would find it hard to improve on the pallet with paint left on after the second session.


The final stage of the painting capturing a passing snow cloud. 


My company for the sessions were the odd grazing deer, a pair of nesting barn owls that came out from about 3pm and my dog Taz. It was a really enjoyable experience painting a dramatic and powerful subject. The painting will be part of an exhibition at Lawrence Stevens Antiques in Corbridge from 4th May.

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